[m-dev.] debugger/completion unit test may fail with non-standard display widths

Keri Harris keri at gentoo.org
Wed Sep 27 18:33:09 AEST 2017


When running the Mercury test unit tests using a non-standard terminal 
width, the debugger/completion test can fail:

INPUTRC=completion.inputrc HOME=/nonexistent 
./completion \
	< completion.inp 2>&1 | sed -e '/^$/d' > completion.out 2>&1
Comparing completion.out with completion.exp*,
	results in completion.res
** completion.out did not match the expected output

With a terminal width set much wider than 80 columns we can get 
completion.out containing entries like:

   1 mdb>
   2 func*completion.   <snip items>   func*completion.sub2.sub3.
   3 func*completion.z   func*completion.zz
   4 b func*completion.z
   5  1: + stop  interface func completion.z/0-0 (det)

while the completion.exp files expect entries to be using a standard (80 
column) width:

   1 mdb>
   2 func*completion.            func*completion.sub2.
   3 func*completion.sub1.       func*completion.sub2.sub3.
   4 func*completion.z   func*completion.zz
   5 b func*completion.z
   6  1: + stop  interface func completion.z/0-0 (det)

(I've added line numbers and snipped some of the output to get it to 
format nicely in an email).

Hard coding the display width to 80 columns in completion.inputrc allows 
the test to pass, irrespective of the underlying terminal width. 
Attached is a patch to accomplish this.


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