[m-dev.] I want to move and rename the dependency_graph module

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Mon Feb 6 17:06:13 AEDT 2017

compiler/dependency_graph.m has types and routines used to to build and use
a dependency graph of the HLDS.  I want to add the same for the MLDS.  To
avoid confusion I want to rename this module hlds.dependency_graph.m so I
also have mlds.dependency_graph.m  I also plan to extract the common code
and probably put it in either dependency_graph.m or libs.dependency_graph.m

The current dependency_graph module is part of the transform_hlds module.  I
would also like to move it to the hlds module.  I think it makes more sense
there since it's utility code rather than a transformation.

So. I have:

    Move this from the transform_hlds to the hlds parent module.

    Rename it hlds.dependency_graph.m

    A new module.

dependency_graph.m or
    The code common to the two above modules, plus some code from
    hlds_module which also belongs here.  Calling it dependency_graph.m is
    okay, because it's generic.  But it could confuse people looking for
    hlds.dependency_graph.m.  So I should probably call it

Does anyone see any problems with this?  Particularly with moving
dependency_graph from transform_hlds to hlds?


Paul Bone

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