[m-dev.] remaining design issues for new integer types

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Wed Apr 12 10:30:02 AEST 2017

On Tue, 11 Apr 2017 09:51:54 +1000, Peter Wang <novalazy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't understand why the length is needed in the format string when it
> is available from the poly_type.

Yep, you are right; I was caught up in trying to maintain cultural compatibility
with C-like languages. Printf in C is given the argument to be printed only as
a sequence of bits on the heap, and it needs the format string to tell it
how to carve that bit sequence into arguments, but for us, the list of
poly_types will give us that information (once the poly_type is extended
with functors for the sized integers).

So please disregard that section of my previous email.


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