[m-dev.] proof-of-concept code for choosing a grade

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Mon Dec 14 09:56:43 AEDT 2015

Hi Zoltan,

On Tue, 8 Dec 2015, Zoltan Somogyi wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Dec 2015 22:07:09 +1100 (AEDT), Julien Fischer <jfischer at opturion.com> wrote:
>> See below for the reason I don't want this implemented in C.
> OK, here is a version of the same idea implemented in Mercury.
> It uses two-way propagation instead of one way, so we don't have
> to write each conceptual constraint twice, and it also includes
> (I think) all the grade components that should be visible to the
> general population of users. (This means that it does not include
> the ones that are of interest only to developers.)
> The user interface is crude since it is intended only for testing;
> see the code of the process_arguments predicate.

I've had a look at this and it seems fine so far.

> The core of this code will need to be accessible both to the
> compiler and new tools we will write, such as the one that
> Peter called for (for generating shell scripts for recognizing
> valid grades). The latter means that it shouldn't go into
> the compiler directory, but it doesn't fit into the mdbcomp
> directory either (it has nothing to do with mdb). Should I
> put it into a new directory, say grade_lib?



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