[m-dev.] Upgrading Boehm GC, attempt #2

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Sun Nov 16 15:17:40 AEDT 2014

On Sun, 16 Nov 2014, Paul Bone wrote:

>> FINAL_INSTALL_MERC_GC_LIB_DIR=/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Staging/mercury-boehm-darwin64-clang/lib/mercury/lib
>> \
>> 	dylib
>> gmake[2]: Entering directory
>> '/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-pbone-gc/boehm_gc'
>> CC="/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-pbone-gc/boehm_gc/../scripts/mgnuc
>> --grade hlc.gc --no-ansi --no-check --no-mercury-stdlib-dir" AR="ar"
>> RANLIB="ranlib" MAKE=gmake DESTDIR= \
>>    ./build_atomic_ops.sh --host=x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0
>> ./autogen.sh: line 7: libtoolize: command not found
>> ./build_atomic_ops.sh: line 8: ./configure: No such file or directory
>> gmake[3]: Entering directory
>> '/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-pbone-gc/libatomic_ops'
>> gmake[3]: *** No rule to make target 'install'.  Stop.
>> gmake[3]: Leaving directory
>> '/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-pbone-gc/libatomic_ops'
>> Makefile:241: recipe for target 'libatomic_ops-install' failed
>> gmake[2]: *** [libatomic_ops-install] Error 2
>> gmake[2]: Leaving directory
>> '/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-pbone-gc/boehm_gc'
>> /var/folders/pd/5lypc6_j3vnf65q9x5y9s3p40000gn/T//mmake.U1sgoq:864:
>> recipe for target 'submake' failed
>> gmake[1]: *** [submake] Error 2
>> gmake[1]: Leaving directory
>> '/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-pbone-gc/boehm_gc'
>> /var/folders/pd/5lypc6_j3vnf65q9x5y9s3p40000gn/T//mmake.NuSWB9:1032:
>> recipe for target 'boehm_gc' failed
>> gmake: *** [boehm_gc] Error 2
>> We how have a dependency on libtoolize program in both the boehm_gc and
>> libatomic_ops directories.  (OS X users should note that libtoolize is
>> *not* provided as part of Apple's developer tools and that if you
>> install the MacPorts libtools package the executables are actually named
>> "glibtools" and "glibtoolize".)
> I found that without this generating the autoconf files and scripts in these
> directories properly didn't work.  We all know that autotools is a PITA so
> there's probably some magic incantation to fix this that I just havn't tried
> yet.
> I'll probably have to try to fix this another day.

I note that upstream Bohem doesn't call libtoolize from its autogen.sh
files.  I'll try to look at this more later this week.

One other issue with the version of Boehm we are upgrading to is that
clang generates a spectacular number of warnings like the following:

/include/private/../gc.h:455:23: warning: unknown attribute
'__alloc_size__' ignored [-Wattributes]


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