[m-dev.] Hosting.

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Wed Jan 16 08:41:19 AEDT 2013

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 08:15:54AM -0700, Michael Hendricks wrote:
> I had a vague recollection that Mercury's website is currently generated
> offline and then only the static HTML files (and tarballs) are served from
> the host.  If that's the case, I recommend Google Cloud Storage which can
> host static websites:
> https://developers.google.com/storage/docs/website-configuration  I use it
> for all my static sites.

Thanks Micheal, I'll keep this in mind (either for Mercury or other things).
While the Mercury website is currently generated offline the bug tracker is
not - that is a dynamic site.

> The Mercury website is probably small enough to fall under the free usage
> quota (5 GB).  If not, the per-GB fees are reasonable.  I like it because
> setting up a new site can be done quickly from the command line:
>     $ gsutil -m cp -R example_site/ gs://example.com
>     $ gsutil setwebcfg -m index.html gs://example.com

This looks really awesome.  Trivially easy to link the domain name to as

If we wanted to we could use a static system such as this and use github or
another provider's issue tracker.

Paul Bone

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