[m-dev.] Bugtracker

Peter Wang novalazy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 13:35:35 AEDT 2013

On Fri, 1 Feb 2013 13:58:04 +1100, Paul Bone <paul at bone.id.au> wrote:
> I've moved the bugtracker to the new hosting.
> https://bugs.mercurylang.org
> (note that you need https now)
> I'll update the links on the website later, along with the links to the
> mailing lists.

Please post a news item, too.

A post was made to the old list after the new lists were created?

> Still to do:
>     1) Move the website
>     2) Use the new website
>     3) Finish setting up the downloads service
>     4) There may be more

Denny finished the HTML of the new website a couple of weeks ago.
I've fixed up the line endings on his commits and pushed them to
the redesign-proposal branch.

It needs some work, like it does not quite build with the Makefile.new
that I wrote, and some links point to .php files which should be changed
back to .html, etc.  I'm thinking we could fix it up then eventually
merge it to master, but until it's ready updates should be made to the
old website.


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