[m-dev.] Reorganisation of extras

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Fri Feb 1 17:47:06 AEDT 2013


Since we have now moved the repository to git and can restructure things with
more freedom than CVS allowed, I would like to reorganize the extras
distribution and make it a bit more user friendly.

In terms of the structure, I intend to split extras into two groups:


The "libraries" directory will be for libraries and library bindings
while everything else will live in the "tools" directory.
I also intend to move everything in the "graphics" directory up a level.

In terms of building the extras, I intend to convert everything to use mmc
--make (this was started some time ago) and remove any remaining support for
building the extras using mmake.  For the libraries, this is necessary since
some of them require the use of grade filters or other features that are only
supported by mmc --make.

The other change I propose to make is to add configure scripts to all those
parts of the extras (mainly library bindings) that require it.

We will also add a top-level configure script and Makefile in the extras
directory that will build and install all supported extras packages.  Finally,
we will add a new option to the top-level configure script, --enable-extras,
which will cause the "install" target to build and install all the (supported)
extras along with everything else.

Any alternative ideas, suggestions or other comments.

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