[m-dev.] further proposed library changes

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri May 6 16:17:02 AEST 2011


There are bunch of further changes I intend to make to the standard
library.  I will make these changes in the next few days unless
there are objections.

* I intend to change argument orderings in set_{ord,unord}list,
sparse_bitset, tree234, rbtree etc.  This will break backwards
compatibility, but the amount of code that uses those modules directly
should be small so this should be okay.  (Note that the various set
modules are not currently consistent w.r.t argument orderings.)

* The group module has had a comment saying it is obsolete and likely to
be deleted for many years now; I intend to delete it.

* The functionality of the graph module has been replaced by that of the
digraph module.  We can either delete it now or make it obsolete now and
delete it after 11.06 is released.  I intend to delete it immediately
unless there are objections.

* The version_types module is empty.  Its purpose was to contain general
documentation on version types.  Rather than doing this with an empty
module we would be better of shifting this documentation to
version_array and point to there from the other version_* modules.

* Add svstack and svpqueue and start the process of changing the
argument orderings for stack and pqueue as well.

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