[m-dev.] Compiling with LLVM-GCC

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Aug 8 03:51:03 AEST 2011


On Sun, 7 Aug 2011, Magnus Holm wrote:

>> According to the comment just above the definition, no.  It will eventually
>> be cast to (MR_Word *).  And it's naturally going to be implementation-
>> defined, since the point of it is to generate code that is appropriate
>> for the particular target platform.  ;-)
> Hmÿÿ So it's not possible to compile Mercury with LLVM-GCC at all?

I think the problem is likely llvm-gcc itself.  After preprocessing
one of the expressions that it is complaining isn't constant is:

      (((MR_Word *)((char *)(((0) << 2)) + ((0)))))

and that most certainly is contant.  (GCC has no problem with the above
which is odd because llvm-gcc uses the GCC frontend.)


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