[m-dev.] digital archaeology

Peter Wang novalazy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 16:16:33 AEST 2010

I have converted, for my own use, the `mercury' CVS module into a git
repository.  Including all the branches, the whole project takes 46 MB,
about the same as compressing the RCS files with bzip2.  You may find
browsing the history interesting, which is much more accessible than
with CVS.


Here are some notes, which might be useful in the future:

* I used the `git cvsimport' tool, which calls cvsps.  I needed to
  hack cvsps to increase the maximum log message length.

* the files compiler/common.m,v and bytecode/Attic/bytecode.c,v are
  corrupted.  I edited the former until rcs doesn't choke (with minor
  data loss), and deleted the latter.

* some files in the samples directory exist both in the directory and in
  the Attic, which confuses cvsps.  The Attic files represent old files
  before some directory renaming.  Little is lost by deleting them.

* The git convention is that the first line of a log message is a
  summary, so most commits are described as "Estimated hours taken:".
  It shouldn't be hard to extract something better from the log messages.

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