[m-dev.] Network issues in csse.unimelb.edu.au, and ICFP contest plans

Paul Bone pbone at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Jun 26 16:02:57 AEST 2009

Hi Everyone.

Today there have been some very nasty network issues.  At one point most of the
csse department here was offline, although it seems to be fixed fingers crossed
that it stays that way, especially over the weekend when there aren't sysadmins
here to fix it.

The G12 and mercury groups host many resources here and we hope you'll be able
to access them over the weekend but given that this happened once it _could_
happen again.  If you need access to particular resources over the weekend
please make contingency plans wrt copying those resources to some other
location or plan some other activity, go outside, spend time with loved ones!

Meanwhile the Mercury developers are preparing to participate in the ICFP 2009
Programming Contest.  This kicks on on 4am Saturday morning.  Any developers
interested should ensure that they are subscribed to the heavy-metal-2009
google group[1].  Many people will subscribe their csse e-mail addresses to
this list, I would like to ask that you also subscribe an external e-mail
address to this list should there be a problem with the CSSE network over the

At this stage we will follow the plans for the ICFP contest set out in existing
discussions on the mailing list (you may read the archives if you missed them).
I will prepare and publish a contingency plan to the heavy-metal-2009 mailing
list should the CSSE network fail which we should be able to revert to at
short-ish notice.

If you're participating in the ICFP contest this weekend best of luck, if
you're not I hope you have a IT, car and photocopier failure free weekend!

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