[m-dev.] Implicit Parallelism test cases.

Paul Bone pbone at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Oct 15 23:03:02 AEDT 2008

Attention Peter Wang and Zoltan Somogyi.

I'm looking for test cases for implicit parallelism, namely programs
roughly the size of icfp2000 or smaller, that have some implicit
AND-parallelism and don't currently contain any parallel conjunctions.

Unfortunately icfp2000 is unsuitable since it threads IO state through
renderer.pixel_loop, which is the obvious place to introduce
parallelism, consequently there's not a lot of parallelism that can be
found here even if I'm able to find where the IO variables are produced
and consumed within recursive calls (which my analysis doesn't do

If icfp2000 has been modified to not thread the IO state through a lot
of the program (in particular the render loop), it would be perfect.
Peter, I understand you used a modified version of icfp2000 as a test
case in your honours thesis.  Do you still have this?  Do you think it
would be suitable?


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