[m-dev.] Switch Goals.

Paul Bone pbone at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Sat Jun 21 21:34:00 AEST 2008

People probably already know this, but this switch goal is deterministic, but the complier disagrees, beleiving it to be nondet.

        Memory = no_memory,
        MaybeHeader = no
        % The introduction of these three goals steams to stop the goal being
        % treated as one big switch, Instead it gets treated as a disjunction
        % whose first branch may fail, and whose second branch may succeed 
        % more than once.
        Self = self_link(TableInfo),
        Total = s("Total"),
        Percent = percent_label,
            Memory = memory(Units),
            SubTitles = [Self, Percent, Total, Percent]
            Memory = memory_and_percall(Units),
            SubTitles = [Self, Percent, percall,
                Total, Percent, percall]
            Units = units_words,
            Title = "Memory words"
            Units = units_bytes,
            Title = "Memory bytes"
        MaybeHeader = yes(table_header_group(Title, SubTitles,

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