[m-dev.] Commiting Deep Profilier changes.

Paul Bone pbone at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Feb 29 10:00:39 AEDT 2008

Hi Zoltan, Julien and Others.

As discussed yesterday I wanted to implement a test framework and commit
it along-side or shortly after I commit my changes to the deep
profiler.  I've now decided against this as it requires more support
from the deep profiling tools.  This will take more time and be
difficult to develop since I'll have to work with two versions of the
deep profiler and the Deep.data file format.

So far I'm comfortable that coverage profiling is solid, I will verify
coverage points in the beginning of switch and disjunction arms today or
perhaps this weekend.  When this passes I'll post this for review,
address any review comments and commit it, any remaining bugs will be
fixed post commit and should be able to be added to the test suite to
check for regressions.

I plan to commit my changes in the following order and roughly the
following times.

    Deep Profiling changes to introduce coverage profiling, this
    includes runtime support to store this data in ProcStatic structures
    and modifications to the deep profiling complier pass.  I hope to
    post this for review later today or over the weekend after I've
    completed manual testing and reviewed the diff myself.

    Introduce a new tool to the deep_profiler directory, mdprof_query
    to enable one to make queries to the deep profiler ah-la the CGI
    script without the CGI or HTML.  I'd also like it to support
    whatever extra queries developers think may be useful.  I aim to
    post this for review 2-3 weeks after the above patch is committed. 

    Create a deep_profiler directory within the test suite.  This will
    include code I've used to perform my tests and use 
    'mdprof_test --verify-profile' and 'mdprof_query' to test that a
    valid Deep.data file is created and a few entries in it can be
    verified such as for a predicate check that particular coverage
    points are inserted on particular goals only.  I hope to post this
    for review no more than a week after the above patch is committed.

I'm working today so I may not have time to complete my testing and post
this for review, but I can hope.


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