[m-dev.] .opt files for intermodule analysis

Peter Wang novalazy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 12:21:06 AEDT 2008


Review/feedback required on this idea.

The idea is to add optimisation interface files for the
`--intermodule-analysis' option (currently called .analysis_opt files in
my workspace).  The content of these files would be exactly the same as
the initial contents of an .opt file.

(1) intermodule inlining, higher order specialisation, etc. will work
with --intermodule-analysis, with minimal effort.  Those passes wouldn't
benefit from being modified to use the analysis framework anyway (I think).

(2) CTGC requires the definitions of imported abstract types.  Since
.opt files already do everything we need, just reuse the same system.

The reason for not just reusing .opt files is that when you use
--intermodule-optimisation, exception analysis (etc.) will append their
own analysis results into them.  With --intermodule-analysis those
results should be in .analysis files, so there is potential for
conflicting results or getting results from the wrong place.

An alternative would be to separate the current .opt files into two,
say, .opt0 and .opt.  .opt0 files would contain only the information
which can be shared between `--intermodule-analysis' and
`--intermodule-optimisation'.  Making an .opt file would imply making a
.opt0 file (similarly for reading) but not the other way around.  I
think I like this idea better.


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