[m-dev.] Requesting feedback on modifying dependency files for GRADE=il make

Eric Taucher gluon at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 30 11:49:39 AEST 2007

To simplify creating mercury.dll for GRADE=il, removing the intermediate
targets from the .d files, when GRADE=il, seems to be advantageous. Doing so
allows the process to go directly from Mercury source files to Intermediate
Language and C# code, and then into mercury.dll as one file.


While I am aware that the .d files were created to allow compilation to
succeed with C source, the Microsoft compilers are capable of generating
code without the need for the dependencies. This may also apply to Java, but
I haven't tested it yet.


Since this is such a major departure from the normal process, are there any
things I might be breaking by these changes? 


Also, should suppressing Mercury generated dependencies be a new compilation
option the way garbage collection is an option? In other words, .NET code
does not have garbage collection code generated since the .NET execution
engine can do the garbage collection, so when GRADE=il, a secondary option
would be set that disables generating the dependencies in the .d files and
rely only on the make targets and rules in the Mmakefiles. If suppressing of
the dependencies is advantageous to other languages such as Java, then they
would only need to enable the secondary option.






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