[m-dev.] Removal of Managed C++

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 23:33:56 AEST 2007

I would like to remove support for Managed C++ from the compiler for
the following reasons:
* It is only supported by Microsoft, making it harder to use code
using it with other platforms (e.g. Mono).
* It is not used in any of the standard library (C# or IL are used exclusively)
* Microsoft have deprecated it in favour of C++/CLI
* Almost anything required by Mercury can be done just as well in C#
(possibly better).
* Removing it will simplify the dependencies and the build process,
and limit the amount of work that has to be duplicated in both C# and
MC++ [incidentally, Eric Taucher asked independently for it to be
removed for the same reason]

I will remove support shortly unless there are any major objections to
it.  While it might be an interesting project to convert the support
for MC++ to support C++/CLI, I think that it will be better for the
compiler just to drop C++ completely and focus on C#, which seems to
do almost everything required for our purposes.

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