[m-dev.] Are targets becoming extinct?

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Aug 9 11:13:36 AEST 2007

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Eric Taucher wrote:

> When the recent code with pretty_printer.m was compiled with GRADE=il, an error
> was generated.
> Pretty_printer.m:824 Error: foreign_name mutable attribute not yet implemented
> for the IL backend.
> This leads to make_hlds_passes.m and shows that this error also applies to
>       target_il
>       target_java
>       target_asm
>       target_x86_64
> Are these targets on the endangered or extinct list?


The error message seems a bit odd since none of the mutables in
pretty_printer.m have a foreign_name attribute.  I'll take a look at it.

> Are target_c and target_erlang the only targets still being actively updated?

Yes and no. Most of the others are still considered 
works-in-progress, and currently nobody is really working on them other
than the occasional minor update.

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