[m-dev.] Solver type horribleness...

Peter Hawkins hawkinsp at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Mar 3 13:17:26 AEDT 2006


I just thought of this bit of solver type horribleness. Consider this 

:- solver type fd_var.

:- pragma memo(cvar/2).
:- pred cvar(int::in, fd_var::oa) is det.
cvar(_, NewFooVar).  % NewFooVar is created automatically

:- pred constrain_nth_var(int::in) is det.
constrain_nth_var(I) :-
    (if cvar(I, C), C < 5 then true else throw("stop")).

main(!IO) :-
    cvar(1, V),
    impure ask_value(V, Value),
    print(Value, !IO).

The predicate constrain_nth_var doesn't take any solver type arguments, 
takes only input arguments, is pure and deterministic (perhaps the 
if-then-else needs to be changed to disjunction for purity). What stops 
the compiler from optimizing the call away? Perhaps solver type output 
arguments in memoed predicates need to imply impurity?


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