[m-dev.] .int3 files

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Jun 16 17:50:03 AEST 2005

modules.m opens with this comment:

% The interface system works as follows:
% 1. a .int3 file is written, which contains all the types, typeclasses,
% insts and modes defined in the interface. Equivalence types, solver
% types, insts and modes are written in full, others are written in
% abstract form.  These are module qualified as far as possible given
% the information present in the current module.

Can someone explain why discriminated union types are written out in
abstract form?

This is causing me trouble with my recent change to add module
qualification to the right hand side of inst definitions which depends
upon knowing which data constructors are in scope.  If du types are
abstract in the .int3 files then we can't module qualify inst
definitions based on .int3 files.  Catch 22!

-- Ralph
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