[m-dev.] Precedence of (,), (<=) and (=>) (...again)

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Sep 22 18:57:13 AEST 2004

Ian MacLarty, Wednesday, 22 September 2004:
> To me your suggestion does seem more intuitive.
> However couldn't this cause existing code to break?  I mean the  
> compiler we can fix ourselves, but what about other projects?  My main  
> worry is that it causes things to silently do the wrong thing.  For  
> example if I have a test:
> if (a(X) => b(X), c(X)) then ...
> then the behaviour will change without any warnings or errors.

This is a valid concern, but I seriously doubt there is much code out
there that would break as a consequence.  I would lay money on 
virtually all correct uses of (=>) etc. using parentheses for safety.

-- Ralph
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