[m-dev.] Failing tests

Ian MacLarty maclarty at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Nov 22 16:42:14 AEDT 2004


I'm trying to work out why a whole lot of declarative debugger test  
cases are failing.  When I do a bootcheck they all pass, so I decided  
to try and simulate the nighly test by running all the commands in the  
test-latest-jupiter.out file for a failing test manually.  The commands  

mmc --generate-dependencies --grade asm_fast.gc      --trace decl -O5  
--intermodule-optimization --constraint-propagation --opt-space  
--mercury-linkage shared --pic-reg    closure_dependency
mmc --make-optimization-interface --grade asm_fast.gc      --trace decl  
-O5 --intermodule-optimization --constraint-propagation --opt-space  
--mercury-linkage shared --pic-reg    closure_dependency
mmc --compile-to-c --grade asm_fast.gc      --trace decl -O5  
--intermodule-optimization --constraint-propagation --opt-space  
--mercury-linkage shared --pic-reg    closure_dependency >  
closure_dependency.err 2>&1
mgnuc --grade asm_fast.gc      --pic-reg  --      -c  
closure_dependency.c -o closure_dependency.o
mgnuc --grade asm_fast.gc      --pic-reg  --      -c  
closure_dependency_init.c -o closure_dependency_init.o
ml --grade asm_fast.gc      --trace  --shared       --    -o  
closure_dependency closure_dependency_init.o \
         closure_dependency.o \

However when I run these I get a complaint about  
closure_dependency_init.c not being found.  Where is this file created?

In the test-latest-jupiter.out file I only get the following clue as to  
why the test is failing:

MERCURY_SUPPRESS_MDB_BANNER=yes mdb ./closure_dependency  <  
closure_dependency.inp \
         > closure_dependency.out 2>&1
gmake[7]: *** [closure_dependency.out] Error 1
gmake[7]: Target `closure_dependency.runtest' not remade because of  
gmake[7]: Leaving directory  

How do I know what the actual error was?  As I said it all seems to  
work when I do a bootcheck (even with the same optimization options as  
the nightly test).


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