Ian MacLarty maclarty at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Nov 19 16:19:03 AEDT 2004


When I recently changed the default value of the 
--shlib-linker-install-name-path (which is used to set the 
-install-name linker option for Darwin shared libs) to the value of 
requested by Michael Wybrow), building of user shared libraries on Mac 
OS X no longer works as described in the user guide.

This is because FINAL_INSTALL_MERC_LIB_DIR comes from 
FINAL_INSTALL_PREFIX which is not documented in the user guide, and 
INSTALL_MERC_LIB_DIR comes from INSTALL_PREFIX which is documented in 
the user guide.  The user guide says to set the INSTALL_PREFIX to the 
path where the libraries will be installed, but no mention is made of 

Is FINAL_INSTALL_PREFIX meant to be used by users or is it just 
specific to the Mercury configuration scripts?  Surely if its Mercury 
specific then the default value of --shlib-linker-install-name-path 
should be the value of INSTALL_MERC_LIB_DIR?  Otherwise if 
FINAL_INSTALL_PREFIX is a variable the user should be aware of then it 
should be documented in the user guide and should be used in the 
example Mmakefile given in the user guide.

I am happy to make the change either way - I just need to know which 


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