[m-dev.] subversion 1.0 installed on ceres

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Mar 1 18:47:39 AEDT 2004

Zoltan Somogyi, Monday,  1 March 2004:
> Since we want to keep the Mercury repository on a backed-up, RAID filesystem,
> moving it to subversion would require getting the sysadmins to run a
> subversion server on munginya. The fix for a failure that leaves a lock
> on the repository, requires getting the sysadmins to stop this server
> while the lock is being removed, which is less than convenient.

Couldn't we keep the database on one of our machines and just use the
department's backup facility on a nightly basis?

> However, I have also found a couple of problems with hooks. While subversion
> has pre-commit hooks, these don't seem to be powerful enough for us.
> They run with the server's permissions, so they can't modify working files
> to update copyright dates, and they aren't told which files changed, anyway.
> Basically, the problem is that the hooks run on the server, not on
> the client. svnlook does provide enough information that writing our own
> client-side check for copyright dates should be simple enough,
> but it doesn't look like we could use subversion to enforce their use.

We can make the pre-commit hooks check that copyright info. etc. is
up-to-date and provide client-side code to do the automatic fixups
for, e.g., dates in comments.

-- Ralph
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