[m-dev.] current status of the high-level C grades

Julien Fischer juliensf at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Aug 16 19:26:08 AEST 2004

I've gone through most of the hl* grades that are either
going to be supported in the next release or are
possibly going to be supported.  Below is a list of
(some of the) outstanding problems with these grades,
so if anyone is looking for something to do ... ;)

I ran most of these test on earth or jupiter (both run SuSE 8.1).
In addition, most of these grades are built on roy nightly.
I also tried some of them on OS X.

The following grades bootstrap and pass all tests:
	- hlc.gc
	- hlc.gc.prof
	- hlc.gc.memprof
	- hlc.gc.tr

mprof works with the profiles generated by the above
profiling grades.  The trailing stuff in extras works
with hlc.gc.tr.

XXX There are quite a lot of warnings from gcc on
OS X with the above grades - possibly gcc 3.4 might
fix this.

hl.gc bootstraps but hard_coded/bigtest fails.  The reason
is a map lookup in the stage 2 compiler fails during unused
argument analysis.  There are also a lot of warnings
about missing braces in initializers from gcc - this is
a known problem, see comment in ml_unify_gen.m.

XXX It would be nice if we could shut gcc up here because
this tends to obscure a lot of other warnings.

XXX Need to check hl.gc.tr, hl.gc.prof etc.

Both hlc.par.gc and hl.par.gc seg fault when trying to
initialize the runtime.  This occurs in mercury_wrapper.c
at around line 562 in the mercury_runtime_init() function.
This happens on both Linux and OS X.
I don't think this is gcc specific problem, as it happens with
gcc 2.95.2, 3.2, and [on OS X] 3.3.

asm_fast.par.gc is fine (although I think there are some
test case failures).

The various hl*_nest* grades are fairly broken but the comments
in ml_code_gen.m suggest that this is a known problem.

hlc.agc passes all tests (well, at least all the ones for which
it is currently enabled) on both Linux and OS X.  I don't
think the compiler ever bootstrapped in this grade?


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