[m-dev.] Update boehm_gc to gc3.3alpha2

Peter Ross pro at missioncriticalit.com
Mon Oct 27 22:12:15 AEDT 2003


I would like to update boehm_gc collector to gc3.3alpha2 for the
following fix

    Partially merged a win32 patch from Ben Hutchings, and substantially
    revised other parts of win32_threads.c.  It had several problems.
    Under MinGW with a statically linked library, the main thread was
    not registered.  Cygwin detached threads leaked thread descriptors.
    There were several race conditions.  For now, unfortunately the
    static threads limit remains, though we increased it, and made table
    traversal cost depend on the actual thread count.
    There is also still some code duplication with pthread_support.c.
    (Thread descriptors did become much smaller, since Ben Hutchings
    removed the thread context from them.)

    plus some more Darwin fixes 

all of which are needed here at MC.

Are there any objections.

I will follow the process in compiler/notes/upgrade_boehm_gc.html

Peter Ross		
Software Engineer                                (Work)   +32 2 757 10 15
Mission Critical                                 (Mobile) +32 485 482 559
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