[m-dev.] Initialising the Mercury runtime in .NET

Peter Ross pro at missioncriticalit.com
Mon Oct 13 19:56:45 AEST 2003

Before one can use Mercury.NET, one must call io__init_state.

Currently this is done by inserting the call to MR_init_runtime, which
simply calls io__init_state but may at a later date do more, in the
class constructor (.cctor) of the assembly containing main/2.  This is
problematic if you want to use a Mercury.NET assembly as a library as
then this routine isn't called.

The simple solution would be to hard code the call to io__init_state
from the .cctor of io instead of from MR_init_runtime.

However I believe we should be able to offer a better solution to this
problem, as it has come up before in the need to run a predicate once to
initialise a solver engine for HAL and I have encountered a similar
problem where one needs to run some setup routines before running any of
the MS sockets stuff.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Peter Ross		
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Mission Critical                                 (Mobile) +32 485 482 559
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