[m-dev.] Mercury char syntax

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Apr 4 17:36:29 AEST 2003

Recently I rewrote the types part of the book.  The section introducing
the primitive types has to go into *way* too much complication to
describe the syntax of char values.

At present we have
	a b c 1 2 3
	(+) (-) (*) (/)
	' ' '\n' '\t'

This is woeful (I've mentioned this before...)  Zoltan suggested the
right thing to do would be to fix the language and I agree.  The
question is, what syntax should we use?

One option that comes to mind is `x' with some rules to disallow
or disambiguate odd things like ``x'`.  `+' would parse as a char and
not as an infix operator, so parentheses would be unnecessary.

Any takers?
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