[m-dev.] string format tests

Zoltan Somogyi zs at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Nov 14 14:43:32 AEDT 2002

Four of them failed during my latest bootcheck. Their failure made the
output file of the bootcheck *much* bigger, increasing its size
from around 17000 lines to over 92000 lines. The increase came from just
a few logical differences (inf vs Inf vs INF, inf vs NaN, truncation of long
fractions, 0x0 vs (nil)), most of which were each repeated hundreds or
thousands of times. This made browsing the output file much more annoying.

I think these tests should be changed so that their .res file, which is
included in bootcheck output, contains only a pass/fail indication,
with the actual diff kept in a file. This probably requires them to be
moved to a separate directory with its own Mmakefile and runtests.

On a related note, we should introduce a short name for the long option
--c-include directory, and use that in bootcheck. When you want to reproduce
a test case failure, it is annoying to have to wade through several lines
of these options just to get to the options not reproduced by lmc.

Even better would a super-option, --option-file <filename>, which would 
have the effect of all the options specified in <filename>. A clean
implementation of this would probably require modifying getopt.

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