[m-dev.] Mingw & packaging

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Nov 10 11:05:35 AEDT 2002

Fergus Henderson, Sunday, 10 November 2002:
> Maybe we should go even further, and split the distribution into
> smaller parts:
> 	- base part (compiler, scripts, etc.)
> 	- documentation (some users may prefer to browse the
> 	  documentation on the web rather than downloading it)
> 	- debugger
> 	- profiler
> 	- deep profiler
> 	- libraries
> 		which could be further divided into those which target
> 		- Cygwin
> 		- Mingw
> 		- .NET
> 		or we could even distribute each grade separately

I find this idea very appealing.  In particular, when I was using
Mercury on the other side of the planet, I would have very much
appreciated the opportunity to download the library in pre-compiled
grades on an as-needed basis rather than much around with the
installation (at least, back then, that process rarely seemed to go
smoothly and always took quite some time.)

> But this would make installation more difficult, unless we have some
> tool that lets users select what configuration they want and then
> automatically downloads and installs all the parts needed for that
> configuration.

A small script to download and install multiple components as required
shouldn't be too hard to arrange.

- Ralph
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