[m-dev.] Submodule visibility rules

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue Jul 2 10:29:54 AEST 2002

I'm sketching out the section of the tutorial on modules.

Looking up the reference manual on visibility rules for submodules, it
says that *everything* that is defined or declared in a parent module is
visible *everywhere* in a submodule.

A quick test shows this to be true.

However, the rule seems odd to me since if a client is allowed to import
the submodule then it can gain access to names that are local to the
parent module.

I would have thought that the following rule would be better:

place where	    |	names in parent module visible in submodule
submodule is	    |
included in parent  |		interface	implementation
interface	    |		yes		no
implementation	    |		yes		yes

Any opinions?

- Ralph
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