[m-dev.] Infix syntax proposal

Douglas Michael Auclair dauclair at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 15 09:03:02 AEST 2002

>From: Michael Day (mikeday at yeslogic.com)
>>From: Doug Auclair
>>I propose that this infix transformer, if accepted, become part of the 
>>(m)make process, so that the first source transformation resolves infix 
>>calls and is transparent to users of mmake/mmc.
>Such a process should be extensible to invoke moose on parser modules and 
>any other macro expansion style transformers, as per the discussion on this 
>list some several months ago.
>This would scratch an itch that many developers are obviously feeling, and 
>make the syntax trivially amenable to alteration and extension without 
>hacking the compiler, which would be a Good Thing.

And it's quite easy to do ... I've added an .infix.m rule (invocating  the 
infix program) to Mmake.rules.  mmake foo.depend and mmake foo now work 
seemlessly with .infix files.

BTW, I've spotted a couple of missing dependencies in Mmake.rules:

%.depend:  % should depend on %.m
%.dep %.dv:  % also should depend on %.m

Comparable macro-expansion passes should be as easy to add to the dependency 
graph, either locally for a specific project or for mmake for general use.

Doug Auclair

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