[m-dev.] Re: foreign_type

Peter Ross pro at missioncriticalit.com
Tue Apr 16 00:34:55 AEST 2002

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 01:53:18PM +0200, Dong Yang wrote:
> hi,
> I didn't understand, what by the IL backend so compilcated handeled.
> for the java backend , I think if anyway only the java foreign proc
> actually use the foreign_java_type, why I can't just use it as it was
> without modifications?
> for example:
> foreign_type("java", javabutton, "JButton");
> :- type javabutton
> foreign_proc myproc(javabutton::in....
> and the java source:
> myproc_1_1(JButton...)

I am not sure I completely understood your question, but I think you are
refering to the fact that the foreign_type structures in the compiler
are very related to how we do things on the .NET backend (ie we store
whether something is a reference or value type, where the type is
located and so on).  Am I correct?

I have refactored that code as part of my change to allow C foreign
types, see


Unfortunately I haven't addressed the review comments on this yet, nor
checked it in.  If this is what you are referring do, would the changes
I made help you?


PS. In future it is better to ask questions like this on
mercury-developers so that all the Mercury developers can answer you
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