[m-dev.] module system discussion

Peter Ross peter.ross at miscrit.be
Mon Nov 26 22:55:02 AEDT 2001

Simon wrote:
> 2. `:- transparent_module' and `:- include_transparent_module'
> (we can probably do better on the names)
> `:- transparent_module' is a new variant of the `:- auto_import'
> proposal, suggested by Tyson.
> A transparent sub-module is defined using a `:- transparent_module'
> declaration rather than a `:- module' declaration, or included
> using an `:- include_transparent_module' declaration. A transparent
> sub-module is always _used_ when the parent module is imported or
> This is useful for qualifying the methods of typeclasses with the
> name without having explicitly to import the module (and lots of
> ones) everywhere, and without having to import the entire hierarchy
> `:- use_hierarchy'.
> I think Fergus was still a bit wary about this one.
I can imagine situations where this would be useful, however
import_hierarchy is sufficient for my needs.

I think it is a worthwhile addition.


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