[m-dev.] Automatic inclusion of modules

Peter Ross peter.ross at miscrit.be
Fri Nov 16 00:29:55 AEDT 2001

Does anyone have any objections to adding the following

:- automatic_include module_1, ..., module_n.

Each module mentioned by an automatic_include in the interface section
of a module will also be imported when the module which declares the
automatic_include is imported.  The automatic_include will be treated as
it has been imported by the same declaration the parent module was
imported with, namely a `:- include_module' or a `:- use_module'.  It is
an error to declare an automatic_include in the implementation section
of a module.

Who thinks that this should be restricted to only sub-modules of the
current module?

I still like Fergus's idea of `:- export_module'.  The reason why I
think that automatic_include is also necessary is that I would still
like to refer to the entity by its fully qualified name, however I would
like to avoid doing an `:- import_module' for every required module.

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