[m-dev.] MLDS bugs & test case failures summary

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue May 16 06:28:58 AEST 2000

The following is a list of which test cases are failing for the MLDS
back-end, and why.  The reasons can be divided into two categories:
bugs and not-yet-implemented features.  I've also listed the places
in the source code where I have added work-arounds for problems
in the MLDS back-end.


First, here's the list of known problems.

(B1) XXX intermodule optimization #include/dependency problems
(B2) XXX bug with existentially typed procedures that return float
         (or anything that doesn't map to `Word')
(B3) XXX bug with parameter passing problem for abstract equivalence types
         that are defined as float (or anything which doesn't map to `Word')
(B4) XXX accumulator introduction generates incorrect HLDS
(B5) need to generate correct layout information for closures,
     so that tests/hard_coded/copy_pred works.
(B6) XXX `pragma c_code' & nondet & --inlining

(N1) XXX `pragma export'
(N2) XXX complicated `pragma c_code'
(N3) XXX define compare & unify preds for array and RTTI types
(N4) debugger
(N5) genuine parallel conjunction
(N6) fact tables
(N7) split_c_files
(N8) aditi


Now, here's the list of test case failures and work-arounds.

general/accumulators: B4
general/univ: N4
hard_coded/typeclasses/existential_type_classes: N2
hard_coded/typeclasses/typeclass_exist_method: B2
hard_coded/bigtest: B1
hard_coded/copy_pred: B5
hard_coded/elim_special_pred: N3
hard_coded/existential_float: B2
hard_coded/export_test: N1
hard_coded/factt_non: N6
hard_coded/pragma_import: N1
hard_coded/split_c_files: N7
valid/aditi_update: N8
valid/base_relation: N8
valid/base_relation2: N8
valid/context_anc: N8
valid/ite_to_disj: N8
valid/intermod_user_equality: B1
valid/intermod_user_equality_nested: B1

debugger: N4
debugger/declarative: N4

runtime/mercury.h: N1
runtime/mercury.c: N1
library/Mmakefile: B6

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