[m-dev.] for review: add support for dumping the MLDS

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed May 10 00:23:39 AEST 2000

On 09-May-2000, Ralph Becket <rbeck at microsoft.com> wrote:
> How important is this right now?

Not very, since mlds_to_c.m already provides reasonably good way
of dumping the MLDS.  But sometimes it's helpful to know exactly
what the MLDS was.

For now, I'll just use io__print.
Here's the new log message.
I'll go ahead and commit this now.


Estimated hours taken: 1

Add support for dumping the MLDS.
XXX Currently the formatting is extremely primitive.

	Add a new option `--dump-mlds'.
	Also delete the unused `--verbose_hlds_dump' option,
	and allow `-H' as an alias for `--high-level-code'.

	Implement the new `--dump-mlds' option, using `io__print'.
	(I wanted to use the pretty printer in library/pprint.m,
	but that has a performance problem when printing large
	structures such as the MLDS.)

The diff is the same as last time, except that instead of

               %       pprint__write(80, pprint__to_doc(MLDS)),

in my original diff, I've now got

               % XXX the following doesn't work, due to performance bugs
               % in pprint:
               %       pprint__write(80, pprint__to_doc(MLDS)),
               io__print(MLDS), io__nl,

and I don't import the `pprint' module.

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