[m-dev.] tests/general/accumulators/construct test failed

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Feb 20 15:14:44 AEDT 2000

The tests/general/accumulators/construct test cases is failing
(and has been for some time, most likely).  See the error
message below.

Pete, could you please have a look at this one?
If you can't solve the problem quickly, then I suggest
you just disable the test case.


the tests in the general/accumulator directory failed
as some predicates didn't have accumulators introduced
mmakeopts= EXTRA_MCFLAGS='-O4 --opt-space' EXTRA_MGNUCFLAGS='--pic-reg'
EXTRA_CFLAGS='' EXTRA_MLFLAGS='--shared' GRADE=asm_fast.gc.tr.debug
the predicates are:
--- INTRODUCED  Fri Jan 28 14:43:32 2000
+++ I.31439     Sun Feb 20 09:30:29 2000
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
        % mode  0 `call_in_base:AccFrom__pred__l__23__0/4' (det):
        % mode  0 `chain:AccFrom__pred__pa__39__0/4' (det):
        % mode  0 `chain:AccFrom__pred__pc__67__0/4' (det):
-       % mode  0 `construct:AccFrom__pred__p2__46__0/5' (det):
        % mode  0 `dcg:AccFrom__pred__p__38__0/7' (det):
        % mode  0 `disj:AccFrom__pred__p__47__0/3' (multi):
        % mode  0 `identity:AccFrom__pred__r__25__0/4' (det):

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