[m-dev.] For review: Rename symbols in CLP(R)

Warwick Harvey wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au
Mon Feb 7 17:33:52 AEDT 2000

The diff that goes with this change is nearly 900k.  It is available on


Estimated hours taken: 8

Made sure all defined symbols appearing in libclpr.a have a `CLPR_' prefix.
This was done by doing a global search and replace in all `.h', `.c' and
`.m' files of all the relevant symbols.  The result was then repaired as

- The `#include's of `CLPR_compile.h' and `CLPR_scan.h' were put back the 
  way they were.

- The global variable `CLPR_s' in emul.c was made static, and all
  occurrences of `CLPR_s' were put back to just `s'.

- The unified diff was scanned for occurrences of `/*', to help find and fix
  wrong substitutions in comments.

- The compiled library was passed through `strings' to help find and fix
  wrong substitutions in strings.

- The sources were scanned for occurrences of `.CLPR_' and `>CLPR_' to help
  find and fix unnecessary substitutions in struct field names.

This probably hasn't caught everything which shouldn't have been changed
(though it did catch some things changed in the past which shouldn't have
been), but the effort required to be sufficiently thorough to avoid this
seems prohibitive.

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