[m-dev.] For review: More clpr updates

Warwick Harvey wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au
Mon Feb 7 14:27:59 AEDT 2000

Fergus wrote:
> On 07-Feb-2000, Warwick Harvey <wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au> wrote:
> > +clpr_install_bin
> > +	Builds and installs a standalone version of CLP(R).
> I think it would be best to have two targets,
> one for building and one for installing,
> akin to `make' and `make install'.
> Also that name with `install' in the middle is not ideal, IMHO.
> I'd suggest naming the two targets `clpr_bin' and `install_clpr_bin'
> or perhaps `clpr_standalone' and `install_clpr_standalone'.
> Or perhaps just `standalone' and `install_standalone'.

OK, I've renamed all occurrences of `clpr_install' to `install_clpr' in the 
top-level Mmakefile (in particular, `clpr_install_bin' to 
`install_clpr_bin'), and created a new target `clpr_bin' which calls the 
`clpr' target in the `clpr' subdirectory (building the standalone CLP(R) 

The README now has:

        Builds a standalone version of CLP(R).

        Builds and installs a standalone version of CLP(R).

The relevant section of the Mmakefile is now:

.PHONY: install_clpr
        cd clpr && $(SUBDIR_MMAKE) install

.PHONY: install_clpr_bin
        cd clpr && $(SUBDIR_MMAKE) install_bin

.PHONY: clpr
        cd clpr && $(SUBDIR_MMAKE)

.PHONY: clpr_bin
        cd clpr && $(SUBDIR_MMAKE) clpr

I'll commit this now.


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