[m-dev.] special module initialisation code

Peter Schachte schachte at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue Apr 11 20:37:58 AEST 2000

Hi David,

> Peter: AFAICT after looking through all the macro definitions, the
> first time initRep() is called it just sets a whole lot of static
> variables to 0.

Actually, it does this each time it's called.  It also may clear the caches,
depending on the settings of some symbols definitions.

initRep() is designed so it can be called repeatedly, for benchmarking
purposes.  Those probably don't apply to you, and you can probably forget
about the function counts, too; they're only for benchmarking.  So all you
really need to do is make sure the caches and unique_table are statically
initialized to all 0s, and you can forget about initRep() altogether.
Unless you want some statistics for benchmarking.

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