[m-dev.] Libraries Idea

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Sep 27 18:18:06 AEST 1999

On 27-Sep-1999, Warwick Harvey <wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au> wrote:
> Anyway, I have a rough cut which seems to work.  You just need to specify in 
> your Mmakefile where you want to install the library, and which grades you 
> wish to install it in:
> 	LIBGRADES = ...
> Then you just do a `mmake lib<foo>.install' and it will do the rest.
> It needs some more polishing and some documentation, etc., but I'll try to 
> find some time one night this week to finish it off.
> One issue is how much of the Mercury installation hierarchy should be 
> mimicked.  E.g. if you set the installation prefix to be, say, 
> `/my/install/dir', should the `lib', `ints' and `modules' directories go in 
> that directory, or should they be in a `lib/mercury' subdirectory?
> If you've got a directory just for Mercury libraries and nothing else, the 
> two extra levels of nesting seem a bit silly, but if you're installing into 
> a more general location (e.g. /usr/contrib), then you probably want them.  
> Or if this stuff is generalised a bit further so that executable files, 
> documentation, etc. can also be installed, then you probably want them.

I think that generalizing it so that executable files and documentation
can be installed would be a good idea, so we should plan for that.
This suggests that we should append /lib/mercury to the user-specified

However, since it is easy to do, I suggest implementing it so that the user
can specify either, e.g. by using default values of say


as is currently done in Mmake.common.in (although that uses the name
Then the user can override either INSTALL_PREFIX or INSTALL_LIB_PREFIX.
If they override the former, then /lib/mercury will get appended,
if they override the latter, then the directory they specify will be
used directly.

But I would only bother documenting INSTALL_PREFIX.
The extra complication of documenting INSTALL_LIB_PREFIX
is probably not worth the benefit.


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