[m-dev.] for review: allow separate mode decls for zero arity preds

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sat Sep 4 01:40:56 AEST 1999

On 30-Aug-1999, Simon Taylor <stayl at cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:
> Allow separate mode declarations for predicates with no arguments
> (previously they were considered to be duplicate mode declarations).
> This avoids the need to special case such predicates when writing
> out declarations for inter-module optimization. 
> If there is no mode declaration and the `:- pred' declaration does
> not include the determinism, a default mode `:- mode foo.' is added.

What about the case where there is no mode declaration and no pred
declaration either?

In that case, your code adds a default mode.
This is a change from the previous behaviour, and I'm not convinced
that it is the right thing to do.  It also happens to break

In cases where there is no mode declaration and no pred declaration,
the default mode will be inferred if it is used.  But if it is not used,
I do not think there is any complelling reason why it should be added.

Therefore I propose the following fix.


Estimated hours taken: 0.75

	Don't add a default mode for predicates with zero arity
	and no pred or mode declaration.  The rationale is that
	there's no compelling reason to add a default mode, since
	the mode will be inferred anyway, if it is used,
	and adding a default mode breaks some existing code,
	e.g. extras/clpr/samples/tests.m, which assumes that
	a predicate that is not called and which has zero arity and
	no pred or mode declaration need not be mode-correct.

Workspace: /usr/hg/public/test_mercury/test_dirs/hg/mercury
Index: compiler/make_hlds.m
RCS file: /home/staff/zs/imp/mercury/compiler/make_hlds.m,v
retrieving revision 1.301
diff -u -r1.301 make_hlds.m
--- compiler/make_hlds.m	1999/08/31 05:25:33	1.301
+++ compiler/make_hlds.m	1999/09/03 15:22:53
@@ -2943,13 +2943,13 @@
 		{ ModuleInfo = ModuleInfo0 },
 		{ Info = Info0 }
-		{ pred_info_clauses_info(PredInfo1, Clauses0) },
-		{ pred_info_typevarset(PredInfo1, TVarSet0) },
-		{ maybe_add_default_func_mode(PredInfo1, PredInfo2a, _) },
-		maybe_add_default_zero_arity_pred_mode(PredInfo2a,
-			PredInfo2, _),
-		{ pred_info_procedures(PredInfo2, Procs) },
-		{ map__keys(Procs, ModeIds) },
+		{
+		pred_info_clauses_info(PredInfo1, Clauses0),
+		pred_info_typevarset(PredInfo1, TVarSet0),
+		maybe_add_default_func_mode(PredInfo1, PredInfo2, _),
+		pred_info_procedures(PredInfo2, Procs),
+		map__keys(Procs, ModeIds)
+		},
 		clauses_info_add_clause(Clauses0, PredId, ModeIds,
 			ClauseVarSet, TVarSet0, Args, Body, Context,
 			IsAssertion, Goal,

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