[m-dev.] for review: update NEWS and WORK_IN_PROGRESS

Erwan Jahier Erwan.Jahier at irisa.fr
Tue Oct 26 04:31:36 AEST 1999

| On 25-Oct-1999, Erwan Jahier <Erwan.Jahier at irisa.fr> wrote:
| > I can't parse that last sentence (but I can't tell whether it is due to my 
| > poor English or to missing words...).
| The former. 

I suspected that.

| But the sentence is probably unnecessarily convoluted;
| if you have trouble parsing it, then I'm sure many others will too.
| Does the following change (s/that/the style/) help?


But it has the drawback of repeating the word `style'.
| 	In combination with type classes, they allow you to write code
| 	in a style resembling the style often used in many object oriented
| 	programming languages.
| Or should I try a more drastic simplification?
| 	In combination with type classes, they allow you to write
| 	code in an OOP-like style.
| I was trying to avoid acronyms, but I guess everyone who reads the
| Mercury NEWS file will know what OOP stands for.

If you think the repetition is not a problem (and I have been told that
repetition are more common in English that they are in French), the  
"(s/that/the style/)" alternative is perfectly understandable for me.


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