[m-dev.] trivial diff: fix missing space in mercury_trace_internal.c

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Oct 17 00:06:42 AEST 1999

Estimated hours taken: 0.1

	Fix a bug in zs's last change: add a missing space
	to the output of MR_trace_event_print_internal_report().

Workspace: /home/mercury0/fjh/mercury
Index: trace/mercury_trace_internal.c
RCS file: /home/mercury1/repository/mercury/trace/mercury_trace_internal.c,v
retrieving revision 1.54
diff -u -r1.54 mercury_trace_internal.c
--- mercury_trace_internal.c	1999/10/15 10:17:48	1.54
+++ mercury_trace_internal.c	1999/10/16 14:03:43
@@ -2191,7 +2191,7 @@
 MR_trace_event_print_internal_report(MR_Event_Info *event_info)
-	fprintf(MR_mdb_out, "%8ld: %6ld %2ld %s",
+	fprintf(MR_mdb_out, "%8ld: %6ld %2ld %s ",
 		(long) event_info->MR_event_number,
 		(long) event_info->MR_call_seqno,
 		(long) event_info->MR_call_depth,

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