New paper on Declarative Semantics for Mercury

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Subject: New paper on Declarative Semantics for Mercury

  Dear All,

  Dante and I are finishing a "full paper" about a declarative semantics
for Mercury, which will hopefully be included in the proceedings of
LOPSTR'98. We made a lot of efforts to simplify the content and the
presentation wrt to the two papers you have received before. In fact, the
paper contains a novel proposal, i.e., an untyped semantics which overcome
the limitations of the semantics I proposed at MC, a few months ago, and
which is also much simpler that the typed semantics that we later proposed
to improve the first one. (I hope that we will converge soon!) 
Since this paper still has to pass a reviewing phase, we would greatly
appreciate your inputs to  make it better.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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