alias branch (was: new instmap implementation)

David Matthew Overton dmo at
Tue Jul 28 15:07:51 AEST 1998

On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 02:49:17PM EST, Andrew Bromage wrote:
> You (Simon Taylor) wrote:
> > 	 - mercury-latest doesn't compile the alias branch library.
> No, it hasn't for some time now.
> David and I spoke about this a little while ago after he had some weird
> problems with this.  His cure was simple and straightforward: Since there
> are three people doing major development work on the alias branch, we
> can afford to keep it up-to-date with the main branch as much as possible,
> particularly in the case of binary compatibility.  Since we're only
> working in the compiler directory, you may consider the runtime and
> library parts of the alias branch closed.  (Does anyone know how to
> signal this using CVS?)  Use the main branch runtime and library instead.
> They work fine.
Hi Simon,

Now that you're working on the alias branch again, you should probably
know about the method I've been using to merge changes to the main
branch of the compiler into the alias branch.  There is a new file
`compiler/.alias_trunk_sync_tag' which contains the name of the CVS
tag of the most recent version of the main branch to be merged into
the alias branch.  Whenever you do a merge, you should create a new
tag on the main branch and then update this file.  You can do it all
automatically with the following script, which is in


# This script merges changes to the trunk into the alias branch of the
# compiler.  It should be executed from within the mercury/compiler/
# directory in a checked-out version of the alias branch.


if [ ! -f $sync_tag_file ]
	echo $sync_tag_file: file not found
	exit 1

old_tag=`cat $sync_tag_file`
new_tag=trunk_snapshot_`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`

echo old tag: $old_tag
echo new tag: $new_tag

cvs rtag $new_tag $source_dir
cvs update -j$old_tag -j$new_tag

rm -f $sync_tag_file
echo $new_tag >$sync_tag_file

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