Fergus Henderson fjh at
Mon Dec 28 13:57:20 AEDT 1998

On 22-Dec-1998, David Glen JEFFERY <dgj at> wrote:
> I've been playing with the Emacs gud binding. It rocks. Do you think there's
> any way to get it to follow goal paths within preds, rather than just
> highlighting the pred definition?

Getting it to follow the goal paths would be very difficult.
I think it would be better to get the compiler to generate line number

> Do you think it's worth expending effort on making the gud interface really
> swish

Yes, so long as it isn't too hard.
i.e. it's worth expending a bit of effort, but not heaps of effort.

> or should be wait until we have our own custom GUI thingamabobby?

Getting the compiler to generate line number information in the label
infos would help any source-linked debugger, including gud,  our own
custom GUI, and ddd (if we ever make a ddd interface).

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