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Dear Fergus,

<P>reading your announcment of the latest Mercury version, I found that
you have treid to integrate tabling into the language.  I am not sure
if you are aware of the approach to tabling descibed in my <A HREF="http://wwwradig.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/papers/diss/wunderwald/zusammenfassung.englisch.txt">PhD
thesis</A> .

<P>My work shares the compilation strategy chosen by the Mercury as it
presents a teamsource-to-source transformation technique. This makes implementation
much simpler than the SLG approach chosen by the XSB group.

<P>My approach  also has in common with Mercury the use of modes,
though I apply a less rigid notion, stemming from the deductive databases

<P>My thesis is quite Prolog-oriented, contrasting your pure logic ideology.
I just wanted something to run immedeately, but I think my techniques should
also work in your environment.

<P>I have implemented everything described in my thesis,  but due
to insufficient documentation, I did not put it into the net. If you are
interested, I can send you the code.

<P>Since I found little hope to make a living based on logic programming,
I do it as a recreational occupation. Within this limited time-slice, I
can help you, if you are interested in using my techniques.

<P>Ciao Jens</HTML>

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